Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dragon*con Report, Part 1

I had a blast. Except for the panel with Laurell K. Hamilton. But more on that later.

Lately, I've been really pleased with my breasts. A combination of putting on a few pounds (increased breast size being the only advantage to weight gain) and buying some fabulous new bras. Well, there's nothing quite like the Cavalcade of Cleavage at Dragon*con to give someone with perfectly respectable C-cups feelings of severe boobage inadequacy. Holy moly, Batman. It was like chubby girl cleavage on steroids, everywhere you looked. And you had to look. It was expected. Hell, it was practically required. Otherwise, said chubby girls would not have worn painfully tight corsets and/or strategically placed duct tape, over which their breast flesh rose and flowed like flood waters in the Delta.

It was both horrifying and strangely fascinating.

I met one of my flist while I was at the Marriott. Somehow, she recognized me and came up to say hello, at which point I emitted the piercing Southern Woman Squeal of Recognition. People dressed as furries all over the hotel turned and yipped when they heard it. ;-) Anyway, I met her husband, and we had a nice, quick visit, before I headed off to the Dealer's Room. Or, as I prefer to call it, the Land That Traffic Flow Planning Forgot. It was bad. Really bad. But I survived. And I shopped.

One of the most fun things I attended was the Evil Genuises for a Better Tomorrow Annual Recruiting Drive and Bake Sale. There were three actual scientists who took the role of evil geniuses and who each described his plan for world domination. Then they all took questions from the aspiring evil geniuses in the audience, while their minions made ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Chocolate. It was pretty good, too.

They also gave out awards for best publication (an on-line comic), best musical act (a steampunk band), and, finally, the best application for membership in the ranks of evil geniuses everywhere. This year, Dictator Barbie was the winner. :-)

Next up, panels and the vaunting egotists who attend them.

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