Friday, November 21, 2008

It is a very cold day today.

I'm wearing my faux Russian fur hat, the new black velveteen car coat that I bought on sale from Fabulous Furs for forty bucks, pinkish-plum leather gloves, and a fluffy seafoam/black/pink/purple scarf that an on-line friend knitted for me.

I'm in the middle of decorating my house for Thanksgiving, and it looks like a stuffed turkey preserve blew up in my den. Ah, the holidays.

I'm hosting a pokeno party tomorrow night, and I want the house to look festive. I'm serving soup and crusty bread, since it shows every intention of being cold this weekend, too. I'm making tomato florentine soup for the ones who don't like spicy food, and sausage and lentil soup for the ones who like a little bite with their broth.

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Kanani said...

You are too cool. I wish I were there to see it! Hope all is well.

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