Monday, January 19, 2009


I marched in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March down Jeffererson Street this morning with parishioners from my church and members of a local mosque, and I like to froze my civil rights off. It was cold. It rarely snows in Nashville, but it snowed this morning. Not a lot, but it was still snow.

And it was cold.

Then we all went to have lunch at a Palestinian restaurant here in town. Not for the symbolism, so much as for the cheap buffet. :-)


Helena said...

Does that Minuet come from Star Trek perhaps? :-)

So how do you feel about the Palestina situation? I thought it was horrible and unfair. I felt so sorry for all the children there.

PhantomMinuet said...

It does, indeed. You're the first person to figure that out. :-)

As far as the Palestinian situation goes, I blame the British. They're the ones responsible for this whole mess.

That's not to say that Israel isn't taking a bad mess and making it even worse, because it is. I am generally inclined to wish the Israelis well, but they're making it harder and harder for me to do so with a good conscience.

Kanani said...

It's so hot and dry here, and it's only January. Really. Tonight I was walking the dog wearing sandals, shorts and a light shirt. It was WARM. This is weird. I miss winter weather.

And yes! I blame the British as well for the Palestine situation, as well as the whole Pakistan mess!

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