Thursday, February 26, 2009

Checking In.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, so I have embarked on my Lenten depravations...no shopping and no sweets. Hopefully, I will be both wealthier and thinner by the time Easter rolls around. Unfortunately, I may also be crankier. :-\

I have started thinking about my Easter ensemble. If I lose 5-10 pounds during Lent, I will be wearing a pale taupe tweed suit with black and turquoise accents and a turquoise hat. If I lose 10-15 pounds during Lent, I will be wearing a zippered red suit with a red/black/white hat.

BTW, are we going to do another virtual Easter Parade this year?


Glorious Hats said...

HI Min, Best wishes on the letting go/giving up and triming down. Both ensembles sound lovely.

Great new blog look.

See Jill is talking about a cocktail party; maybe she will stop by here and let you know on the Easter Parade.

Cheers, Jane

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hoo boy...when is Easter again??? This renovating has me totally focused on my furniture arrival "due date". Provided I survive that, then I think "we" should have a parade again. I'll make an announcement soon!

Kanani said...

Easter parade sounds like fun. I might even dress up the dog!

PhantomMinuet said...


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