Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 333 Project

I took off the week of my vacation, so I'm now back on track.

Day 70: Teal/black dress, black jacket, teal shoes, teal purse, John Atencio ring and bracelet, Lilly Barrack ring, sterling cross.

Day 71: Aqua/turquoise/lavender/black dress, black sandals, black purse, John Atencio ring and bracelets, Lilly Barrack ring.

I have done some more trading out, because I have discovered that, when you wear the same shoes over and over and over again, you find out which ones are really comfortable, and which ones are not. So, I have traded out my uncomfortable black and cork Onex (made in the USA) platform slides for a pair of black White Mountain gladiator sandals (sadly, not made in America, but very comfortable).

In addition, I walked the soles out of my ultra-comfortable black Aerosoles 4-give sandals (they actually disintegrated), so I have replaced them with a pair of teal and silver Onex (made in the USA) slides.

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