Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Fair Zombie

I just bought this jacket for $12 on Ebay to use as part of the My Fair Zombie costume that I'm putting together for Dragon*con:


I've also put a bid on a pair of cheap long white vintage wedding gloves, since the sleeves on the jacket are so short. The black grand exit skirt that I'm wearing has a lace train in the back, so I may add a black lace ruffle to the sleeves to give them a little more length, so that I don't have any arm showing when I'm wearing the gloves. That way, I only have to put zombie make-up my face.


Kanani said...

Ah! Fun! And a good buy, as well. Glad you found it on eBay. It's SO much easier than perusing through the racks at thrift shops sometimes.

I just got back from another trip. Tucson. My uncle is on full life support, and this was a hard trip because my aunt won't let go, and nothing I said or even the doctors said, got through. So I'm back, having set her up with the hospital social worker etc. I hope this doesn't go on much longer.

PhantomMinuet said...

I'll keep a good thought for you and your family.

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