Saturday, May 23, 2009

A quick report from Canterbury.

Today was beautiful. Just beautiful. Pleasant, sunny, breezy. It was a perfect day to go traveling. First, we went to St. Martin's Church, where Ethelbert's French (and, more importantly, Christian) queen, Bertha, worshipped and where it is thought that Ethelbert was eventually baptized. We reconfirmed our baptismal vows with a 12th century font, and then we went to the Isle of Thanet, had prayers with the Benedictine nuns at the Minster Abbey, and had a picnic lunch on the grounds. After that, we went to visit the Roman fort Ruptiae, where Augustine had built a chapel. We had prayers and shared reflections on the pilgrimage in the ruin of the chapel.

Naturally, I cried, because I am turning into a sentimental old biddy. :-/

After that, we went to St. Augustine's high cross and celebrated Eucharist at the foot of the cross, which was just lovely. Then we had dinner in Wickham at the Red Lion. Faaaabulous meal. I had some wonderful pea and ham soup, chicken in a sauce of white wine and chives, and a toffee pavlova. We made rather merry, seeing as how there were 20 of us, and the wine flowed rather freely.

Hey...we are Episcopalian, you know. ;-)

Tomorrow, we're attending the Eucharist at Canterbury Cathedral and, hopefully, taking the train to Dover to visit the castle. Then, tomorrow night, the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral is locking us in and taking us on a candlelight tour of the cathedral. Should be a fantastic experience.

Blessings to you all.

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Kanani said...

Can't wait to see the photographs. Be safe and light in heart.

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