Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip Report, Part 1

I miss having an English breakfast. I don't eat eggs or mushrooms, but I love the other parts...beans, grilled tomatoes, hashbrowns, bacon and toast. Sigh. I suppose I could make myself an English breakfast, but that's work. I'd rather have someone serve it to me.

I have scadzoodles to do, but I wanted to start my trip report. The flight over was without incident, and we all made it, safe and sound, to England. Wish I could say as much for our baggage. It didn't make it. None of it. Of the eleven people on my pilgrimage who boarded together in Nashville on Sunday, not a single one of them had luggage waiting in London-Gatwick. Zero, zip, nada, niente. They just didn't load it in Nashville. No, I don't know why. I suspect it may be because they needed room for extra fuel, in anticipation of bad weather.

Still sucks.

Here I thought that I had learned from my Scottish experience and packed so much more cleverly than I did last year--sweaters to layer, a light rain jacket, short and long-sleeved shirts. All for naught, because I don't have my luggage for two days after arriving in England. So I ended up buying two sweaters (it was cold the first few days in Winchester), jeans (because I couldn't bear to wear those damn pants a third day), underwear, and socks. So much for my careful packing.

Next up...Winchester. The pilgrimage begins.

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Kanani said...

Oh no! Did it ever catch up with you? Horrible! And to think you had to pay to check it on!!

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