Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Hats

One of the older gentlemen at church lost his wife to a long illness a couple of months ago. He and I shared church guide duties on a Saturday in June, and he brought me all of her hats in boxes, about 15 boxes in all. I finally got around to pulling them out and trying them on last night. I'm going to keep most of them, but there are a couple that are too small for me, and the fur hats are a color--blonde mink--that I don't wear well, so I've offered them to other women in the parish through the women's listserv.

I've already had two takers. :-)

I'll try to post some pics of me wearing the hats sometime soon. There's a particularly cute black summer trilby trimmed with a pink silk peony, an elegant layered cream white toque, and a pink pillbox covered with a mass of silk flowers. I don't really like pink, but I might buy something just to match that flowered hat.


nejyerf said...

can't wait to see the hats. and i bet you will look....dare i say...."pretty in pink"?!?

PhantomMinuet said...

Pink likes me; I just don't like pink. :-)

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