Friday, April 8, 2011

I have labored to produce...

My list of the original 33 pieces of clothing that I will wear for the next 3 months:

1 pair jeans
1 pair black dress pants
1 black skirt
1 black dress
1 brown/aqua/white dress
1 seafoam/aqua/lavender/black dress
1 teal/black dress
1 casual black top
1 casual teal top
2 black shells
1 pink/black top
1 teal/green/black blouse
1 pink/red/black blouse
1 black suit
1 aqua suit
1 white suit
1 black jackets
1 black/white jacket
1 black/off-white swing jacket
1 black handbag
1 aqua handbag
1 teal handbag with brown/black/cream stipes
1 pair blue 4-give sandals
1 pair sand 4-give sandals
1 pair black half-boots
1 pair black slingbacks
1 pair black/white slingbacks
1 seafoam all-weather coat
2 John Atencio bracelets
1 John Atencio ring
1 Lilly Barrack ring

There is a proviso, and I think the rules permit it. If I lose weight, I may start swapping out clothes that no longer fit for clothes that do. I already have an entire wardrobe in a smaller size from which I can select replacement pieces.

Also, I consider a suit to be one item, because I don't break up my suits and use them as separates, nor do generally I wear them with a blouse. So, in my mind, they are the equivalent of three long-sleeved dresses.

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