Sunday, April 6, 2008

I stopped at the dry cleaners this week, because I stop at the dry cleaners every week. I probably spend $250-$300 a month on dry cleaning, so my dry cleaners, Judy and Patty, love me. :-) Anyway, not everyone is as conscientious a customer as I am, and sometimes they just leave their clothes at the dry cleaners, unclaimed. After about a year, Judy and Patty hang these abandoned clothes out front for other customers to buy.

And so I did. I bought a gorgeous off-white cotton damask three-piece suit, a black evening suit with bugle bead trim on the jacket, a plain black skirt (you just can't have too many), a white lace-trimmed cotton top, and a cream cotton top. All for 24 bucks.

And so, this morning, I wore my new off-white suit to church. It has a knee-length straight skirt, a boxy jacket with 3/4 sleeves, and a simple collar. I accessorized it with a black knit shell, cream slingbacks, vintage oversized black/silvertone pendant, vintage moonglow black lucite bangle, vintage Mr. John black/white hat, and vintage black vinyl clasp bag with faux lace-up details. It made a pretty striking ensemble.

I'll try to take a couple of pics.


nejyerf said...

have you ever run into a woman who says "i used to have a suit just like that?"

and what would you say in that circumstance?

PhantomMinuet said...

I'd probably say something non-commital and change the subject. :-)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Jealous am I, and I think that Mr. John was mine, I dropped it at the cleaner when I was visiting there last year...hand it over!
(just kidding...)

Kanani said...

I really like how you're not a snob. You buy used, vintage, you buy expensive, you buy cheap, you mix and match.

PhantomMinuet said...

I love buying used and vintage. It lets me shop, which is one of my favorite pasttimes, without feeling guilty about consuming lots of new resources. :-)

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