Friday, May 9, 2008

Chic, petite.

I was stopped at a light in front of the Rachel Jackson building (you can tell the Rachel Jackson building from the Andrew Jackson building, because Andrew Jackson is very tall, and Rachel Jackson is short and squat), when a young black woman crossed the street in front of me. I immediately noticed her shoes, which were black/white zebra striped flats. Adorable! She had her short dreads pulled up, and she was wearing a fitted black shirtdress and carrying a metallic shoulder bag. She looked so casually chic that I was envious.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Not for publication:

Hi Min! I'm going to be in Nashville next Thursday/Friday and have a question for you: Would it be better to stay near the airport and then drive downtown to lookie loo around for a day while my DH works, or better to stay downtown and walk sight-see for a day without a car?

My husband will be in meeting near the airport.

I'd ask if we could meet for lunch...but don't want to intrude on your mystery/privacy. Could you please leave a message on my blog if you have advice on the matter?

By the by...I used to be a law librarian.

Miss Janey said...

Don't you LOVE when that happens, tho? In the midst of the Slobification of America, some people still try.

Miss J really needs to start taking her camera EVERYWHERE for this very reason: random good fashion moments. They need to be documented Satorialist-style.

Kanani said...

Off topic....

Since you're going to Scotland I thought I'd mention that three of my visitors to my blog for the past year are in Scotland.

Kim Ayres is in Castle Douglas, The Kitchen Bitch (Eryl) and Mary are also in Scotland as well. And check out Kim's son, Rogan. He's baking cakes to raise money to go skiing with his friends! Rogan Cakes.

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