Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm so tired.

I had a hearing go until 10 p.m. last night, after which I had to drive 3 hours to stay in a hotel, so that I could speak at a private college this morning at 9:30 p.m. After speaking for three hours straight, standing the entire time in my fabulous, but not-very-comfortable-after-three-hours Aldo pointy-toed pumps (bought them in Toronto several years ago), I drove 3 1/2 hours back home.

I'm beat.

But I had to post that I wore one of my vintage hats to the hearing last night...a black cellophane straw pillbox. I had on a darling little black suit (fitted jacket with 3/4 sleeves, knee-length trumpet skirt), carried a small black leather purse, and wore my black pointy-toed Aldo pumps. The older ladies in the audience at the hearing were simply enchanted. :-)


Kanani said...

Wow. You rock.
Really, I don't think I could talk for 3 hours straight, even if I were in flats.
Hat sounds fabulous. Hope everything went in a good direction with the hearing.

I have two very different meetings tomorrow, with a car repair thrown into the mix. I'll think of you when I get dressed and try to pick something snazzy.

PhantomMinuet said...

I love doing workshops, and I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. :-)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

As a academic librarian, I am having a field day trying to figure out what kind of work shop you taught. And high five on the courtroom attire. Fetching, and I'll be the judge was impressed too.

tangobaby said...

You are too cool for school! I love the description of your outfit.

Next time maybe you can wear some little gloves, too and that would really knock their socks off!

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