Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Story

My friend Mike went to church with me on Sunday, and he looked very nice...like a fine southern gentleman in his pale chinos, white bucks, blue shirt, pink tie, navy blazer, and Panama straw hat. I wish I'd had a camera with me to get a picture of the two of us together.

And I have to say the choice of royal blue turned out to be a pretty good one, even if it isn't a very "fashionable" color. As Jill noted before, men love it. And here's the proof. Mike and I went to Easter brunch, and at least three of the waiters commented on my hat/ensemble. There was also a married couple having brunch that Mike knew, and the husband came over to the table to introduce himself to me and to say, "That is my favorite color. And you look beautiful in it. When you walked in with Mike, I thought 'Wow'."

Needless to say, I was verra flattered. @):-)

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

You didn't have your camera????
I am just sick. I love men in panama straw hats. I'll bet Mike got a few compliments himself.

I never cease to marvel at the fact that men will walk across the room to compliment a woman on her hat. I have NEVER heard of a man walking across the room to compliment a woman on her shoes or purse, yet those are the items that most women obsess over. Ladies, wake up and smell the coffee, then put on a hat!

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