Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Easter Hat

The voting is over, and the selection has been made. It was a tough decision, because so many people on my LJ blog listed a first choice and a second choice, but I made an executive decision and went with the first choice listed, unless a clear preference otherwise was indicated in the body of the post. And the results, tallied from both LJ and eBlog, are:

Hat #1: 1 vote
Hat #2: 7 votes
Hat #3: 9 votes

So Hat #3 it is. And I just received delivery of a royal blue suit that exactly matches the feathers on the hat. All that remains is to select my shoes, my purse, and my jewelry. However, since Hat #2 received so many votes, I will wear it on the following Sunday, March 30.

Naturally, there will be pictures. %\:-)


Glorious Hats said...

Oh ho wonderful. Love that you have a suit now that will match the hat.

PhantomMinuet said...

I may make some modifications to it. I'd like to replace the gold buttons with silver buttons (my shoes have silver buckles), and I'd like to hem the skirt about 4 inches. All of which I can do, if I just make the time to do it.

Glorious Hats said...

Oh yes, do make the time. It is so worthwhile to make the suit suit you.

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