Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Fun With Hats

This is yesterday's hat, a vintage Glenover wool felt with grosgrain bow.

This is today's hat, a vintage (more or less) Pinehurst fur felt from the old Cain-Sloan Department Store in Nashville. Cain-Sloan had the best hats.

I really look tired in that photo, don't I? Mornings are not my best time.

And this is the newest hat, called Sweetheart, that I bought from Terry Graziano.

See what I mean? I look so much better at night.


It isn't exactly the color that I thought it would be from the scan. I expected more of a lilac. Terrry is now working on a custom hat for me...a Moxie in red pique`. I anticipate that it will be lovely. :-)


nejyerf said...

love the hats but know what i notice even more?

your eyebrows.

they are perfect.

i like a well-shaped and well mantained eyebrow!

PhantomMinuet said...

I can honestly say that no one has ever complimented my eyebrows before. Thank you. :-)

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